Programmatic Advertising: investment and new functionalities

March, 2024

Programmatic advertising is an automated approach to buying and selling digital advertising spaces in real-time, utilizing algorithms and data to make decisions about where and when to display ads to users.

As the advertising industry evolves, programmatic advertising has become a key component of digital marketing strategies.


Basic Functioning of Programmatic Advertising:

Ad Inventory: advertisers make their ad inventory available on programmatic advertising exchange platforms.

Ad Demand: advertisers interested in displaying their ads compete in a real-time auction for available advertising spaces.

Real-time Auction: when a user loads a webpage or a mobile app, a request is sent to a programmatic exchange platform. Interested advertisers submit real-time bids to display their ad to the user.

Data-Driven Decision: the exchange platform uses algorithms to evaluate advertisers' bids and selects the winning bid within milliseconds. Factors such as ad relevance, user profile, browsing history, and other data are used to make this decision.

Displaying the Ad: once the winning ad is selected, it is displayed to the user on the webpage or app.


Investment and Growth:

Programmatic advertising has experienced significant growth in recent years due to its ability to optimize ad targeting and delivery. According to historical data, investment in programmatic advertising has been on the rise, gradually displacing traditional methods of media buying.


New Applications and Developments:

Omnichannel Advertising: programmatic advertising has expanded beyond the web and mobile apps to include channels such as connected TV, digital radio, and smart devices.

AI and Machine Learning: AI and machine learning are being used to enhance audience segmentation, ad personalization, and real-time optimization.

Programmatic Audio and Video Buying: the growth of programmatic advertising has extended to the realm of video and audio advertising, with ads on online streaming platforms, podcasts, and music streaming services.

Programmatic Native Advertising: exploring how programmatic advertising can be seamlessly integrated into the user experience through native ads that adapt to the platform's format and content.

Cloud-Based Advertising: cloud-based programmatic advertising solutions are being developed to allow greater flexibility and scalability in managing advertising campaigns.


In summary, programmatic advertising is a digital marketing strategy that relies on algorithms and data to automate the buying and selling of advertising spaces in real-time. It has experienced steady growth and evolved to encompass different channels and ad formats, driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Its future development is likely to involve further integration into the user experience and expanded reach across diverse media channels.