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global media specialist
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#06 making of foreigners our friends
global media specialist
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#09 making campaigns worldwide
global media specialist
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At Anima, we are specialists in global media and work exclusively in providing services to national and international media agencies in consultancy, strategy, coordination, planning and buying advertising campaigns worldwide.

As we are independent, we work with impartiality, providing the most optimal solutions to our customers. We offer our services through a single expert interlocutor in charge of the execution of each project without intermediaries, taking care of every detail and with the maximum confidentiality.

With more than 10 years operating and more than 25 years of experience, we have become true specialists in the international advertising market.

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Our extensive market knowledge allows us the ability to provide our clients with ideal planning in order to meet each clients individual needs.

To achieve these objectives we work with all types of typology and existing supports - from coverage circuits to spectacular media units which enable us to maximize coverage in airports and other forms of transport.

We work with all types of market providers and create global coverage strategies in various markets at the same time. We can focus on hyperlocal campaigns which are based on the individual needs of each client.

All of this is backed up by technological solutions and the most up-to-date and qualified data.


We work with the most important editorial groups and representatives from international media organizations, constantly striving to integrate specific needs with global planning as well as join various markets with specific targets.

We cover the communication demands of our clients in newspapers and magazines. We provide general coverage in specialized daily publications, economy publications, lifestyle magazines, in-flight magazines and/or any type of publication according to its individual communication desires.


We collaborate with the most prominent radio communication groups at the local and international level, offering a media plan specifically adapted to our client needs.

We integrate radio in our overall media strategy. This is tailored to broadcasters and formats that are best aligned with public objectives and work in function with communication objectives.


We do media planning that optimizes client budgets and offers optimal solutions for the needs and demands of our clients and that are based on individual buying tendencies in each market.

Our international knowledge and relationships with different groups and international representatives permits us the ability to offer solutions designed for conventional television as well as cable and digital television.


We work with the most important digital networks and publishers from each market planning and executing digital campaigns globally.

In any format and multiplatform we provide all the necessary tools in order to optimize the implementation of campaigns that function according to the objectives of each individual client.

We count on technological partners and computer experts that guarantee digital solutions in the world of Brand Safety.


We count on access to more than 30,000 screens around the world; offering access to the top cinema houses and existing formats in more than 22 countries worldwide.

  • We select only the best and most well-renowned cinema houses according to our client objectives and are present at the latest premieres.
  • We research and segment the market according to age, income group, cinema location and broadcast network in order to achieve maximum coverage.
  • We intensify the impact on cinema goers by preparing and planning special events in accordance with demand.

Our media team provides both on and offline solutions that reach audiences through athletic events and digital supports in more than 60 indoor and outdoor sporting enclosures.

We are able to spread and amplify campaigns through digital actions by using multi-purpose digital devices that promote interaction between brands and attendees.

brand events

We do special actions and campaigns for brand events.

We select the most adequate places for the development of events according to our client objectives. We coordinate and manage the entire process from beginning to end ensuring correct implementation and activation.

our services
International coordination
We simplify the coordination of international projects through a unique expert interlocutor.
Global knowledge
Through our principal measurements of each market and multi-sector research platforms, we can guarantee the highest-quality service available to the market. Our extensive research has given us a broad and in-depth knowledge of mediums of communication, tax regimens, norms and negotiation practices. This provides us with the necessary base for purchase centralization and carries on through to local implementation.
Media Planning & Buying
From planning strategy until the close of campaigns, we take charge of everything and ensure the entire process from beginning to end.
Tailor-made strategies
We provide an integral and personalized service designed to meet the needs of individual clients, meeting those objectives defined by media agencies.
Negotiation and optimization
We offer the most favorable buying conditions based on our continuous negotiation. We can do this equally well with small as well as large communication groups.
Centralized billing and invoicing
We take charge of multiple billings and invoice according to the requirements of particular needs found in each market.
Global coverage and media planning
Wide coverage and still much more to do in the future
Hyperlocal campaigns
All available media at your disposition
We reach more than 100 countries
Local, international and multi-national campaigns
We work in five continents
We stay up to date on all the breaking market news:
relevant news and current events
January / 2017
The latest global advertising expenditure forecasts, covering 59 markets across the Americas, Asia Pacific and EMEA, show advertising spend remains healthy in 2016, increasing globally by US$23 billion in 2016 to hit US$548.2 billion, a +4.4% year-on-year increase compared to 2015. Digital is once again the key driver and established star performer of 2017 followed by ...
December / 2015
Global ad expenditure will grow 4.7% in 2016 by  ZenithOptimedia executive summary, reaching US$579 billion by the end of the year. This will be a 0.8 percentage point improvement on 2015: 2016 is a ‘quadrennial’ year, when ad expenditure is boosted by the Summer Olympics, the US presidential election and the UEFA football championship in ...
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