Anima Advertising is an independent Global Media Specialist supporting International Media Agencies at their work planning and buying advertising spaces worldwide.

Global coverage and planning in order to meet your needs

At Anima Advertising we work across five continents giving support to our international clients. We work hand in hand with various media agencies and in all markets that request our services.
Our experience and solid relationships developed working with the largest and most well-established local and international media groups allows us to offer the best planning possible in each market.
We work from our international offices and across various time zones in order to give continuous service at all times to our clients. We provide fast answers and a direct relationship without middle men to our media partners.


We’ll take charge of positioning your brand on the big screen internationally. We provide advertising supports for audiences that are 100% predisposed to accepting them through a medium that offers better recall capacity than any other form of communication.


We plan Out of Home campaigns (OOH) in any and all markets and for every type of existing outdoor advertising support.


We cover all of our clients’ magazine and newspaper communication needs – for both general and specialized advertising campaigns.


We incorporate our clients’ brands in the most important sporting events on the planet. This includes professional football, NBA and NCAA basketball, the NHL, MLB, ATP tennis events and the Spanish Cycling Circuit.


We work with the world’s leading broadcasters in each market, planning programs in order to reach the maximum target market for our clients.


We develop “below the line” campaigns and interactive events using the most sophisticated and up-to-date technology available on the market. We take charge of all aspects of projects – from beginning to their eventual, successful finish.


We work with the world’s most important television channels, planning campaigns for the most relevant cable and free television stations.