30 March 2015
Study: DOOH Displays

Out-of-home digital displays are popping up everywhere, and they’re getting noticed. More than 70 percent of the U.S. population, or 181 million, have viewed a digital video display in the past month, according to a new Arbitron study to be released Tuesday (May 25). More than half of the population, 52 percent or 135 million have viewed digital video display in the past week.

The study, based on surveys of 1,700 people, provides the industry’s first universe estimates for 19 different venue categories, making it easier for advertisers to compare the reach of individual networks to the potential reach of the venue.

“It’s a first step in setting the groundwork for determining just how big the audience is,” said Diane Williams, senior media research analyst for Arbitron, which has conducted proprietary studies for a number of placed-based digital networks.

Video displays in grocery stores, visited by 97 percent of the population, get the most notice with 28 percent of the population or 72 million viewing a display in the past month. Displays in shopping malls are viewed by 28 percent of the population or 70 million, followed by large retail or department stores (69 million), medical or doctors’ offices (20 percent or 52 million) and movie theaters (19 percent or 50 million).

Though the movie venue was No. 5 overall, it ranked high among teens, coming in No. 2 after shopping malls. For reaching Adults, the top three venues were grocery stores, large retailers, and shopping malls.

The least-viewed DOOH venues were elevators (4 percent of the population or 10 million) and buses, trains or taxis (4 percent or 9 million).