Maurice Lacroix

Our client requested an action plan to cover the AB1 target market for its brand marketing campaign in Spain. The Christmas campaign was done with the largest mediums of communication in the country.

We decided to concentrate investment on a medium that would provide a high level of coverage during the duration of the campaign (November-December). We selected only the most exclusive clients, which avoided weakening the message and targeting a non-relevant audience.

A spectacular exterior publicity support was chosen for the entrance of the Barajas International Airport with the goal of reaching 100% of the desired public. Thanks to the placement and the impressive advertisement quality, all international travelers that passed through Terminal 4 were able to be reached. This met all requirements for coverage, notoriety, and target client fragmentation. Over 1 million travelers were reached during the two months that the campaign ran. It was repeated in 2014 and coverage was extended to various other supports in the Barcelona Airport.